end of year blog (important?)

I don’t know. this year I did some weird stuff, some fun stuff, and some stressful stuff. spain was hell. dad was downing red wine, I was sick and angry, and saliha hated everything. fuck man. I’m going to texas in 11 days. that’s gonna be a wild ride. not in a bad way, its just gonna be something different. I’m shit at writing these. my mind is like a frog jumping from one lilipad of thought to another. I’m listening to one of those youtube music streams. god I need to do something with my life. at least that’s what dad tells me. I want a job, something to center my life around this summer, and a million bucks. pffff. I cant keep fucking writing this. my mind frogs slowing down. heh, shit man. my moms buying me a computer this summer. because I convinced her that I would do a shit ton of animation. I’m scared that I wont live up to that. I’m scared that ill fuck up me and moms relationship again. no I’m not. fuck. goodbye.


man… I’m stressed. and I feel that I cant share my feelings here because a lot of people that I don’t want to hear my thoughts will. anyway, good week? no… pshhhh dude I’m tired. peeps are coming over tonight, but I just wanna go to bed. pshhh. I’m just glad I’m not part of any of this new shit going on, but I’m still trying to push myself into it. man I’m tired. cya.

Ballz and lets get it on

Javair still here, that’s fun, got a new game called Ballz. You shoot stuff, it’s cool. Played some sims 4, BROKE MY ARM I’m twelve now, that’s cool. eleven lasted too long man. Moving to Texas for the summer, got a haircut, shit, a lot of stuff happened over break. Any way, mom and I are getting much better, I think. Bye now. ❤️


So yeah 5 new kids… that’s cool. ??? oh well. I feel as though the space has become too large to keep those close relationships with everyone. That is one of the large reasons i love alc. the fact that the arrival of a new kid alters all the relationships and connections in the space. There are a lot of kids now. Oh well. I’ll learn to live with it.? Bye!

week 98,000,010

week 98,000,010

dear diary,

I’ve been here for countless weeks. I’m beginning to forget everything about the outside world. I’ve made freinds with some of the natives, and learned their ways. I like it here, all in all. (This started out as a thing I wanted to write a ton of, but I’m out of ideas.) aight cya.

it is your boy

hmmm. oh well someday this will become a thing i actually want to do. someday. for now though, i guess ill just tell you all the dumb crap i did this week. meeeehhh. so ice skating was fun, so was eating all the stuff that the cook noob people made, new art style? das cool! also jesus christ emotions are bleeghg. i walked through the park home with abby on thursday, that was cool, also i go kicked in the nuts at krav maga. hehehhe. ALSO also i needed a bigger crotch guard.. pfehe so the lady that worked at the desk at krav maga had to walk through like 30 kids all looking at the crotch guard, and then she frickin handed it to me. meeeeeeeeeeeehhhh, thats enough stuff, goodbie now.