end of year blog (important?)

I don’t know. this year I did some weird stuff, some fun stuff, and some stressful stuff. spain was hell. dad was downing red wine, I was sick and angry, and saliha hated everything. fuck man. I’m going to texas in 11 days. that’s gonna be a wild ride. not in a bad way, its just gonna be something different. I’m shit at writing these. my mind is like a frog jumping from one lilipad of thought to another. I’m listening to one of those youtube music streams. god I need to do something with my life. at least that’s what dad tells me. I want a job, something to center my life around this summer, and a million bucks. pffff. I cant keep fucking writing this. my mindĀ frogs slowing down. heh, shit man. my moms buying me a computer this summer. because I convinced her that I would do a shit ton of animation. I’m scared that I wont live up to that. I’m scared that ill fuck up me and moms relationship again. no I’m not. fuck. goodbye.